Velocity has multiple processes in place to actively maintain the integrity of its pipeline systems, including:

  • Internal and external corrosion control
  • Regular right-of-way surveillance and clearing
  • Routine inspection and maintenance of equipment
  • Regular pigging schedule and plan in-line inspections, often called “smart pigs”
  • Public awareness program
  • Damage prevention and one call system participation
  • Employee training and qualification program
The pipeline right-of-way must be kept clear of any buildings, structures, trees, shrubs, excess vegetation, fence posts, electric / telephone poles, or other encroachments which might damage and restrict access to the pipeline. The right-of-way protects the public and the pipeline. If you notice any possible encroachments to Velocity pipeline right-of-way, or if you need to install a structure near the right-of-way, please call the state One-Call Centers. Pipeline markers are located along the right-of-way to help identify the approximate location of the pipeline. Velocity pipeline markers list the commodity transported and the 24-hour telephone number where a person monitoring our pipeline can be reached at any time.